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The wife and I decided to go out for a night.

I can’t say enough about this Restaurant and the beautiful family who runs it. The place is spotless, the tables are well distanced, the service is 5 star and the food is nothing less than spectacular. Franca, Mario and their 2 son's run Franca’s Italian Restaurant, a class act operation. I've eaten at some of the best restaurants in Rome, Naples and Pescara.. this place would give any of them a run for their money. I very rarely recommend restaurants, but for anyone looking for an incredible Italian dinner experience, visit Franca’s....

                                                                                  Rico Fedele

Franca makes the best Gnocchi in Calgary. Hands down. No contest. Quite possibly rivalling the best Gnocchi in Canada. Plus everything else is exquisite and done to a classic perfection - the ravioli, the meatballs, the lamb, the chicken and the prawns are especially delectable. What I really love the most though is the warmth, love, care and real family openness of Franca, Mario, and Alessandro...their love really shows and it really is in all the food and service. Thanks for an outstanding experience and we look forward to many more.



Len Nanjad

I loved everything about Francas’!!! I walked in the door, me and my pup Mia (service animal) were greeted immediately. I sat down and had a delicious cappuccino and shrimp dish. All the food is so authentic and it really makes you feel like you are over seas. The service was spectacular, Franca and her husband Mario and the rest of the family were so pleasant and warm towards me and Mia. Everything was amazing and we even connected in more of a person level which also made me feel very welcomed. After I paid the bill Franca thanked me for coming in and even gave me a box of home biscotti as a Christmas gift! I couldn’t wait to try so as soon as I got home I made a coffee and dipped Francas’ homemade biscotti and omggggg are they every delicious! Even the focaccia bread was just amazing, no preservatives and all homemade. I loved this restaurant and I got the opportunity to meet such a loving, humble family! I’m hoping to book a private event in the near future for more of Francas’ authentic experience! Thank you for everything Franca!


Samantha Lunny

Our first experience at Francas today was amazing. The food was the BEST ever! So good that we had to get some of the amazing sauce to bring back to Saskatchewan. Absolutely the best service and food that I have ever experienced. Will definitely be coming back.



Susan Wehage

I ordered a dessert tray for a Christmas party I was having and was so excited to see that Franca's made pesche! I haven't been able to find anyone who could make a pesche like my Nonna, but I had heard that Franca's were the best! And it is true!! When we went to pick up our order, Franca greeted us at the door and treated us like family! We soon began talking about Italian food, tradition and family then sat down and had cappuccino and a pesche together!! It was like being back home, exactly like my Nonna would make! Thank you so much Franca for the amazing morning and the amazing desserts!! I will definitely be back for the gnocchi and baccala!!

Cindy McGlashan-Beaucage

It is rare I go out for dinner and am so impressed that I want to write a public comment, but dinner at Franca's was simply amazing. Exceptionally good food with a wonderful atmosphere. This is a family run restaurant that hands down has the best Italian food I have ever had.

Thank you for the great service and exceptional food. I most definetly will tell all my friends.

Volker Bose

From the moment you walk in the door, Franca and her family make you feel at home. From the exsquisite tastes and smells of Italy, prepared right here in the Heart of Calgary. Made with love and perfection. From the smallest detail to the presentation of the culinary masterpieces at your table. A feast for your eyes and your appetite will be most greatful too. The ingredients are high quality, leaving no tastebud untouched! Fresh. Delicious. Simple yet splendid. Franca'a amazing touch runs deep, family rooted! She was kind enough to share a few of those secrets with her Cooking class recently! Her staple item for cooking is..... Fortunately for you, she will be hosting more cooking classes. Don't miss out and gain some true Italy insight. She will share her staples.... I would recommend my favorite dish, but it would be better just to advise you to visit and let your senses guide you, there is no unfavorites on the menu. From coffee, deserts, full meal or a glass of wine. No other place to receive this one of a kind, dining experience.


P.s. ok so my #1 choice is Gnocci .... beyond amazing. Try a Peach too! Happy Eating at Franca's!

Rhonda Lee Macdonald

What a find! 

Franca's is an experience like no other - a stunningly beautiful Italian restaurant in an unlikely location. The decor is spectacular and the service exceptional. But the best bit is the food! Perfectly cooked, every course was a delight and a fine example of true Italian cuisine. 

Franca and Mario have taken my culinary experience beyond the restaurant. Being in Business Development, I often do lunch and learn sessions for my clients. Franca's always provides an impressive feast of cuisine for the client -- the great food makes me look good! In addition, I have followed up with gift baskets for clients on many occasions. She always provides the recipient with a unique and artistically inspired creation of Italian delicacies. 

The last couple of years Franca's has hosted our corporate Christmas Party. Nothing says "thank you" to your staff than food that is made with love and comes from the heart. 

As their motto says - arrive as a guest, leave as familia! 

Lori Brunelle

Be assured, Franca's Italian Specialties provides a wonderful dining experience, EVERY time! An Italian, family run restaurant, where you will truly delight in the mouthwatering flavours that arrive on your table from Chef Mario's gourmet kitchen. It is evident that only fresh, high quality ingredients are used when preparing this amazing cuisine. Portion size is excellent. Enjoy excellent friendly service; always with a smile.... and often with a hug! 

Looking for a fun date night? Check out their music nights! Talented musicians combined with Mario's delicious tapas; you can dance the night away or just sit back and enjoy. There is something for everyone here. 

As an event organizer, we have hosted numerous private company events at this lovely venue. Franca's attention to detail is exceptional; the room and decor are always perfectly appointed, with ambiance set to suit every occasion. The menu is arranged with great thought and consideration to ensure a perfect experience for all guests. WOW!! Oooooo! Awwwww! Mmmmmm! That's what you will hear! 

Imagine, on top of all this great food, and fun, Franca also provides a gift basket service! Wow!! Unique creations filled with high quality items, for absolutely any occasion! You'll find no filler in these treasures! Recipients are always in awe and amazement! 

Thank you Mario and Franca for always going above and beyond and putting your heart into all that you do. I wish you continued success. 

Ann Boland

If you want to try a ORIGINAL ITALIAN food then.....this is one the best place to go in Calgary. The quality and the taste of every single dish is absolutely amazing. Franca, Mario and their team are blend of perfection for this cosy and familiar restaurant.

Marco De Leo

I was referred to Franca by a colleague. Over the past two years she has done many gift baskets for me for clients - mostly for new babies. Every single time one of our clients receives a basket from Franca, they are blown away. It is clear the baskets are put together with thought and a great deal of care. I am always confident that Franca will make my company look good. Some baskets she adds a baby chair: I've had clients they still use it two years later! Thank you, Franca, for the tasteful and beautiful baskets you put together for me.

Caitlin Babb

Franca makes you feel like family from the moment you walk in the door and offers one of the most incredible dine in experiences I've had in Calgary. I was actually shocked when I walked in... the space is a beautiful escape. I will definitely be going back and bringing friends!

Nicholas Thickett

It is a rare treat to find a restaurant where the owner is intimately involved in the dinner's experience. Franca is a consummate host, and so personable that we felt like old friends right from the beginning. We wish you every success, Franca! ❤️

Esther Woelfle

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